Eternal AshTM 
      "from ashes to ashes, dust to dust...."  
About Eternal AshTM

Eternal Ash offers an exciting yet dignified alternative to traditional burials or, if cremated, placing cremated remains into bags, boxes, vases, cans or scattering them. Our alternative allows the remains to remain intact, and molded into works of fine art pieces for the enjoyment of family and friends for generations to come.

 As the cost of  caskets, vaults, markers, funeral homes, cemetery plots and even embalming have skyrocketed, more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burials.   Many families are also finding this more practical in today's world because placing a loved one in a "local" cemetery is not as convenient or functional as it was even a generation ago.  Today, families are spread all across the continent and often throughout the world. 

PRE-PLANNING  In addition to being considerably more economical than all the costs associated with traditional arrangements and burials, individuals or families can plan ahead and choose their Eternal AshTM artwork and pay for it in advance, locking in today's lower prices.

PRICES  Current prices for individual, hand made Eternal AshTM memorials custom molded from our stock of molds and created from the ashes you supply us range from approximately $500 to $1,500 each, plus shipping and insurance. Leftover ashes, if any, from your custom art piece are returned to you with your finished memorial.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS and SERVICES  In addition to your Eternal AshTM memorial, you may also want to have us mount it on a polished stone or fine wood, porcelain or tile base large enough to accommodate an engraved plaque. We can also mount your memorial on a pedestal of concrete, stone or wood for a truly dramatic presentation.  Custom lighting and glass domes are also available to keep your Eternal AshTM memorial bright and dust free.

FREE CONSULTATIONS   For more information or exact pricing, contact us by mail, telephone or email.

Eternal Ash
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phone: 541-405-1885

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